Capturing the story

Like a good book there are plots and subplots. Various characters to that capture the sttention of the reader or audience.

Book SSCA 

The Stories at the Sherwood Forest Faire in Texas

The spirit of the Faire was shown in the costumes of visitors, hawkers, the humman powered rides and even the romance that was found.

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    The fun of the Faire
    A day full of color and fun could be enjoyed at the festival This year
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    Fantasy was brought to life by the final touches on your armor or haircut 
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    Step back in time 
    Hawkers brought another level of realism to the fair, giving the feeling of time travel to that era  

Latest Work

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Muscle not machine powered the fun   

The effort of making a memorable ride.  

Two Pirates in Love?

Caotain Jack would be envious

Telling The Story Through Photography




Samsog Creative Arts is a company that loves to capture and tell the story. Digital makeovers that help tell your audience about your business in exciting and personal way. Photography, Videography and web content that will capture the story of your business for your brand and target audience.             


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